How much does it cost to rent a condo in Pattaya?

The cost of renting a condo in Pattaya depends on several factors, including location, size, amenities and season. You can rent a condo in Pattaya by booking it in advance. To do this, you need to choose an apartment that suits your requirements.

In general, condo rental prices in Pattaya are lower than other popular tourist destinations such as Bangkok or Phuket.

The average cost of renting a condo in Pattaya is:

  • Studio: 8000-14000 baht per month
  • 1-room apartment: 10,000-20,000 baht per month
  • 2-room apartment: 18,000-30,000 baht per month
  • 3-room apartment: 25,000-50,000 baht per month

In the center of Pattaya, condo rental prices are higher than in other areas of the city. For example, in the Walking Street area, the cost of renting a studio apartment starts from about 15,000 baht per month. In the Jomtien area, condo rental prices are lower than in the city center. For example, in this area, the cost of renting a studio apartment starts from 10,000 baht per month.

Pattaya also has many condos with full services such as a swimming pool, fitness center, sauna and laundry. The cost of renting such condos is higher than a condo without additional services.

The season also affects the cost of renting a condo in Pattaya. During the high season, which lasts from November to March, condo rental prices are higher than during the low season.

Here are some tips for finding cheap condo rentals in Pattaya:

  • Consider renting a condo in a less popular area.
  • Consider renting a condo without the extras.
  • Rent a condo for a long term.

If you are planning to rent a condo in Pattaya, you should start your search early. This will help you find the best option at the best price.

If you want to rent a condo in Pattaya for just one person or for a couple, then this option is ideal for you. Studio apartments have one room, a bathroom and most often a balcony. At the same time, it has everything necessary for a comfortable stay for one or two people. 

One bedroom apartments are ideal for couples. At your disposal there will be a living room with a kitchen area and a seating area. There is also a bedroom with a large bed.

For families with children, renting a two-bedroom apartment is ideal. The only thing you should pay attention to when choosing such an apartment is the number of beds. Sometimes in a two bedroom condo you may find a double bed in one room, but the other may have different options. The second bedroom can have one single bed, two single beds, and a double bed. Be careful when choosing apartments. Also, the two-bedroom apartments will always have a common living room with a kitchen area and a sitting area. The number of bathrooms may also differ in different options.

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