Rental houses in Pattaya

Rent a house in Pattaya

Renting a house in Pattaya for a long term is a popular service for Thailand among tourists who like the island variant of vacation. But to rent a house or villa for a long term, you need to know the peculiarities of the Thai real estate market and all the existing pitfalls. Knowledge of the local language and mentality will greatly help, but if you do not have such skills, you need to contact a real estate agency. Specialists will help you find and rent accommodation for a month or more in one of the best areas of the city, cheaply, but with all amenities.

The main advantages of renting a house in Pattaya

  1. You get a separate residence where you are your own boss.
  2. The private sector can be large and include several isolated rooms for each family member.
  3. The home is equipped with everything you need, including cooking appliances, recreational equipment, and a pool can be provided.
  4. It is possible to move in with pets.
  5. The price of renting a villa in Pattaya for a month depends on the class of housing, the area of its location, the level of equipment with furniture, design, the conditions of stay.
  6. Location of housing can be as close to the city center, where the entertainment infrastructure is well developed and there are stores, shopping centers, bars and nightclubs, or it can be on the coastline near the sea: the further the house is located from the beach, the cheaper will be the cost of renting it.

How to rent a house in Pattaya for a long term?

The best option to save your time and money is to use the services of a real estate agency that specifically focuses on the housing stock in Thailand. What points should be clarified when ordering the selection of housing:

  • proximity of the object to the city center or to the sea;
  • availability of a swimming pool and terraces;
  • service by staff with knowledge of your language;
  • comfort level;
  • transportation interchange, etc.

What are the most popular options?

Long-term rentals are available in a condominium. This is an association of owners on one plot of land. Today, this option is considered the cheapest while maintaining all the conditions of comfortable accommodation for tourists.

To rent a house in Pattaya, first of all, you need to decide on the area where the property is located. It is difficult to do this, as there are expensive and prestigious streets with villas, or places with a cheaper segment of the private sector. However, regardless of the choice, all offers on the market have similar characteristics: it is mandatory to have a kitchen or stove for self-cooking, a separate bathroom and yard. 

The luxury private houses have their own swimming pools and massage parlors, restaurants and bars are nearby. There are beautiful views of the natural surroundings or the sea.

Today you can find a lot of real estate market offers, but how to choose a worthwhile option? In order to rent housing inexpensively and not to miss out on the area, the requirements of the owner, the equipment of the house, the terms of rent, you need to turn to a specialist who knows this area and can quickly help.

The real estate agency will advise you which neighborhood is better to choose, what types of houses are suitable for settlement and long-term residence, will contact the owner of the property, discuss all the terms of the lease, agree on the amount of advance payment and monthly payments, as well as help to arrange a visa and other documents necessary for visiting the country.

We will advise you on the best way to make the deal, help you choose a good place to move in and vacation in the most picturesque and quiet areas of the city.

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