Rental housing in Pattaya from one month

Offers for rental housing in Pattaya for a period of one month

Properties available for rent in Pattaya for a month or more.

We have collected options that are suitable for those who want to rent housing for a period of one month or more in Pattaya.

The real estate market in Pattaya is designed in such a way that most rental offers imply that the tenant plans to live in the apartment for at least half a year or even a year. Thus, those who want to come on vacation for a month or spend the winter in the warmth are faced with the difficulty of finding options available for a short period.

In the options offered below, the price is indicated for a rental period of one month (unless otherwise stated). If you want to rent one of the proposed options for a long period, the price will be lower. Contact our employee and he will help you find and book an option from one month.

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We’ll help you find housing for a month!

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