Reliable real estate management in Pattaya

Management you can trust - Leave all the worries relative to renting and selling real estate in Pattaya to us.

We offer full service management services in Pattaya 

If you want to sell or rent an apartment or house in Pattaya, but 

  • You do not master all the legal subtleties in regards to property ownership and/or rental activity.
  • You wish to rely on representative agents in order to minimize involvements with tenants and administrative residence staff.
  • Wishes a professional representation and assistance with rental activity and/or making an investment in real estate properties.
  • Do not live in Thailand permanently.

Whether you have already purchased property or are looking to sell invest - put your trust in our specialists in order to maximize the return on your investment, and keep your investment in safe hands.

Contact us and we will provide you with a personalized option - tailors to your needs - in regards to investing in real estate and to make sure that your investment remains well managed for optimal return on your investment m.

If you have legal difficulties with real estate, use our services of a Lawyer.

Does the apartment look unpresentable and do you think it won’t be possible to rent it out? No problem. Contact us and our specialist will advise and make an assessment. We also provide repair and renovation services real estate.

How to rent out an apartment using the trust management service

leasing of real estate under trust management

Write to us in one of the messengers
and we will answer all your questions


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