Buy an apartment in Pattaya

Offers of apartments for sale in Pattaya

Buy an apartment in Pattaya

Pattaya is a very versatile resort city, where you can find entertainment to your liking at any time of the day. All the streets are filled with fun and energy, while the resort itself has a rather pleasant and calm atmosphere. Given the tourist demand of the city, many people want to buy an apartment in Thailand - Pattaya, but do not know how to conduct a real estate transaction on their own. There are indeed a lot of pitfalls and scammers here, which means a high risk of losing your money. 

The way out is to turn to the experts in real estate agency, which specifically specializes in the selection of real estate in Thailand and will help to prepare documents and conduct a successful transaction.

How to buy an apartment in Pattaya without intermediaries?

 In Pattaya due to economic and infrastructural growth, the construction of new residential projects has intensified, so first of all buyers pay attention to this segment of the real estate fund. How to choose an apartment from hundreds of offers:

  • Decide on the neighborhood: North Pattaya is considered the quietest by the standards of tourist life. Here there is minimal infrastructure, no nightclubs, plus real estate is much more elite and expensive. Fans of partying and active rest will suit the central district, through which passes the most famous street Woking Street with dozens of bars, cafes and clubs. Here are also located popular shopping centers. In the southern district the advantage is the private sector, comfortable and convenient cottages;
  • choose the type of building - new construction or secondary market: this directly affects not only the condition of the apartment, but also payment options for the purchase. Cheap apartments in Pattaya you can buy from 700 thousand baht (the national currency of Thailand). If you sign a contract for an object in a new building, you must necessarily make an advance payment and pay a certain value annually until the house is commissioned. But there is a risk here - by this time the cost of housing may increase and your balance of payments will turn into a higher amount;
  • correct calculation of the condominium maintenance fee: the final amount depends on the number of square meters. The fee is payable every year, so you should read the contract carefully before signing;
  • Don't be fooled by deceptive benefits: most offers are in Thai quota. This entitles you to save about 25% on the cost. However, it will then be stated when the condo is registered that the new owner has to pay a certain amount of baht every year to cover the high taxes;
  • do not order a "furniture package": its minimum price when selling apartments in Thailand - Pattaya is 125 thousand baht. And initially the owners offer this service as free, so it is necessary at the time of signing the contract carefully clarify all the details and trust the deal only to experienced agents.

Why should you contact a professional real estate agency?

Agents with experience will help:

  1. Prepare the necessary documents.
  2. Find a favorable offer in the market among hundreds of analogues.
  3. Make a contract.
  4. Advise on all matters, including estate taxation.
  5. Check the legal cleanliness of the object.
  6. Make a deal with the developer, etc.

In order to protect your purchase from unnecessary expenses and to anticipate possible difficult situations, it is better to ask for help. Specialists will find an apartment, check its condition, check how well it meets the client's requirements, compare its value with the market price, study the owner's documents, and help with visa and other documents.

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