How to move to Pattaya?

How to move to Pattaya? What do you need to know before going to Pattaya for a long time? These questions are asked most often to people who already live in Pattaya from those who are just about to move here. We will try to answer them in this article. 

What should you do before moving to Pattaya?

First, you must decide for how long you would like to come to Pattaya. All types of visas have restrictions on the time they can stay in the country. Perhaps you would like to change your job and may consider moving based on a job offer. The only thing is that usually foreign specialists are invited by large companies that are based in Bangkok, but who knows, maybe you will be lucky. In any case, there is a list of things to do before moving

  • resolve the issue with the apartment you currently live in in your country

Many of our tenants rent out their apartments in their own country and thus cover part or all of the costs of apartment for rent in Pattaya. If you rent an apartment in your own country, then try to talk about your planned departure with the tenant in advance. Negotiate a full or partial refund of the deposit. 

  • take only the most necessary things with you 

As practice shows, many people who come to Pattaya for a long period of time take a lot of unnecessary things with them. You are traveling to the land of eternal summer. And even when it rains here, the temperature almost all year round is from 27 to 32 degrees Celsius. 

  • take documents that may be useful to you 

The minimum set of documents is a passport and driver's license. For example, to open an account at Kasikornbank with a student visa, you need a passport and a second identification document. Your state's driver's license will also work. True, you will need additional documents depending on the visa on which you arrived. 

  • make a power of attorney in your country for the person closest to you

You never know what you might need and it’s better to be safe than sorry

  • select an insurance company

To protect yourself, choose an insurance company in your country in advance. You can go to the representative offices of different insurance companies and find out the insurance conditions in Thailand. Ask all your questions to the insurer and fly to Thailand with insurance already in place. 

  • select visa type in Thailand, which is right for you

 Next we will write in more detail about the different types of visas. The most popular are student and pension visas. True, sometimes student visa quotas may expire and you will have to wait until they appear again.

  • you can decide in advance on the apartments in which you will live in Pattaya

In our company you can remotely choose an apartment on our website. We will also help you choose an apartment based on your wishes even before your arrival in Pattaya.

This is the main thing you need to do when you decide to live in Pattaya. And what is better to do in advance, while still in your own country.

So, you have resolved all the issues in your country and become the happy owner of tickets to Thailand. What's next for you? 

transfer from airport to Pattaya

How to get from the airport to the hotel or apartment that you have already booked?

If you fly into Suvarnabhumi - Bangkok Airport, then you have several options to get to Pattaya. 

  1. Bus. Not the most comfortable option, but if there is a question of saving money, then it is quite suitable. The cost of a ticket to Pattaya is about 150 baht, plus you need to pay extra for luggage space.
  2. Taxi. The cost of a taxi from Bangkok airport to Pattaya will be 1500-2000 baht, plus you will need to pay an additional toll of about 120 baht.
  3. Transfer is perhaps the most comfortable option

Ordering a transfer before arriving in Pattaya allows you to save time and not worry about not finding a taxi. The cost of the transfer is from 1200 baht to 2600 baht, depending on the meeting airport and the type of car. We offer sedans, minivans and minivans. All cars are not older than 5 years. To order a transfer, you send us your passport photo (the main thing is that the photo, last name and first name are visible). You must also send a photo/screenshot of your ticket with flight number and date. Upon arrival, you will go through security, receive your luggage and You will be met by a driver holding a sign with your name. Our drivers will take you to the hotel or apartment you have already chosen along the expressway to Pattaya. The journey takes a little less than two hours if there are no traffic jams. 

You can choose the apartments that suit you before arriving in Pattaya on our website. We are ready to answer any of your questions and help you choose the apartment that suits you. Below are just a few options for apartments, perhaps among them there are those that are right for you.

When you have chosen an apartment, you enter into a contract for a year, in which all the conditions will be described. After concluding the contract, you receive the keys and can enjoy life in your apartment. When concluding an agreement with us, we prepare a TM-30 certificate, which is useful for obtaining a visa. 

We hope that we were able to answer the most important questions about how to move to Pattaya for a long time. 

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