Invest in a luxury condo at Espana Resort condominiums!

If you are looking for a profitable real estate investment, then we have an offer that will interest you. ArrivaRent real estate agency in Pattaya offers a unique scheme of buying a condo in Espana Condo Resort, which allows you to get the keys to the apartment for only 40% of its value and rent it out, bringing you a stable income. Let's take a closer look at this offer.

Once you receive the keys to the apartment, you can start renting it out and pay the remaining amount within three years. Let's take a closer look at this unique offer and find out why investing in Espana Condo Resort is a profitable decision.

Benefits of investing in Espana Condo Resort Apartments

  • Prestigious location

Espana Condo Resort is located in Na-Jomtien, the southernmost and most remote area of Pattaya. Your condo will be just a short walk from the beach. The condominium is perfect for a quiet life as it is away from the main bustling streets of Pattaya.

  • Unusual condominium architecture

The style of Espana Condo Resort in Pattaya draws us into a world of Spanish luxury. Beautiful sculptures and architecture that can be admired forever. The condominium pool will draw you in with its fountains and sculptures and you won't want to leave.

  • Unique payment system

The payment system offered by ArrivaRent makes investing in Espana Condo Resort even more attractive. You will only need to pay 40% of the condo's value, get the keys and start renting it out. The remaining 60% can be paid over three years. This approach allows you to start earning rental income right away, without having to put it off buying an apartment in Pattaya indefinitely.

  • Return on investment

Espana Condo Resort is a popular place for vacation rentals in Pattaya. You will have the opportunity to earn a stable passive income from apartment rentals in PattayaArrivaRent will handle all aspects of the rental and management of your apartment. ArrivaRent will handle all aspects of renting and managing your apartment. This way you can concentrate on making a profit.

  • Security of investments

When you invest in Espana Condo Resort through ArrivaRent, you are assured of the security of your investment. ArrivaRent has an impeccable reputation and many years of experience in the Pattaya real estate market. All processes of buying, renting and managing the apartment will be handled by professional experts.

  • Investing in the future

Buying an apartment in Espana Condo Resort is not only an opportunity to get a stable income, but also an investment in the future. Pattaya is constantly developing, attracting more and more tourists and investors. Investing in real estate in this area can bring you significant profits in the future when the property value increases.

Espana Condo Resort

1 bedroom 36 sqm Espana Condo Resort

One of the most interesting real estate investment options!

Investment in the future with income today

Invest in an apartment in Espana Condo Resort through ArrivaRent real estate agency. You will have the opportunity to receive passive rental income immediately after purchase. A unique offer from real estate agent ArrivaRent allows you to invest in an apartment in Espana Condo Resort, getting the keys for just 40% value and renting it out. Don't miss the opportunity to invest in a promising property in Pattaya. You will ensure yourself a stable income for many years to come.

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espana condo resort studio

Studio 25 sqm Espana Condo Resort

Invest in small apartments with the fastest possible return.

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