Investment with favorable installments for foreigners in Pattaya

Installment plan for the purchase of an apartment in Pattaya, which will pay for itself

Are you dreaming of your own apartment in Pattaya, but do not want to spend all your savings at once? We offer you a unique opportunity to purchase housing in installments!

Our offer allows you to purchase an apartment in possession immediately after paying the first installment. You can immediately move into it or start renting and making a profit.

The price for one-bedroom apartments starts from just 1,999,000 baht. The initial payment in this case is 40% of the cost, that is, 800,000 baht. You can distribute the rest of the amount into monthly payments for three years. This gives you the opportunity to comfortably pay for an apartment without compromising your budget. It is also planned to allocate a building for a hotel in the condo. In it, you can buy an apartment for investment and give it to the management of the lease. Thus Your apartment will pay for itself at the expense of vacationers in it! 

For sale single, double And studio apartments in the Espana Condo Resort condominium in Pattaya. All apartments are slightly different in size and view from the windows. You choose which view is closer to you - Garden View or Pool View. The apartments are rented fully furnished and include all necessary equipment. The apartments also have safes to ensure the safety of documents and valuables.  

The condominium is located in the Na Jomtien area, more precisely at the end of Jomtien, at the Second Road turn towards Suhuamvit. Na-Jomtien (Na-Jomtien) is the most southern and farthest from the active nightlife area of Pattaya. It is a suburb in which the main part of the infrastructure is located near the hotels. The condominium is perfect for a quiet life, as it is located away from the main noisy streets of Pattaya.

The style of the Espana Condo Resort in Pattaya draws us into the world of luxury in Spain. Beautiful sculptures and architecture that you can admire forever. At the same time, the condominium itself is located in the beloved Thailand. 

We guarantee transparency and reliability in all aspects of the transaction!

Our company has rich experience in real estate and will provide you with legal support at every stage of the purchase.

Do not miss the opportunity to buy your dream apartment in Pattaya in installments! Contact us now to get more information about our offers and start the buying process. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you make your dream come true.

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