Why you need to get TM 30 in Thailand:

When planning trips or long stay in Thailand one of the important issues to consider is the registration procedure at the address of residence. Under Thai immigration law, all non-residents, including tourists, temporary workers and long-term residents, are required to register their place of residence with TM 30.

TM 30 is the Immigration Department Record Form, which must be completed and submitted to the Immigration Office or the relevant police station within 24 hours of arrival in Thailand. This is an important document for maintaining security and control of migration processes in the country. Here are some important reasons why it is important to get TM 30 while in Thailand:

1. Law Compliance: Section 37 of Thailand's laws on migration and stay of foreigners requires all foreigners to provide notice of their place of residence throughout their stay in the country. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in fines, detention and deportation.

2. Security and control: The residence registration procedure allows the Thai security and immigration authorities to track the stay and period of time spent by foreigners in Thailand. This is important for security, prevention of illegal activities and combating terrorist threats.

3. Harmonization of immigration processes: TM 30 registration helps to harmonize and simplify immigration processes in Thailand. This contributes to the effectiveness of the security services and facilitates the transition when changing residences.

4. Legal protection and removal of uncertainty: When registering under TM 30, foreigners receive official confirmation of residence from immigration services. This protects the rights and interests of foreigners and prevents possible ambiguities or problems with law enforcement.

5. Mandatory requirement for renewal of residence permit: When applying for renewal of residence permit in Thailand, foreigners must provide documents that confirm their registration at the address of residence according to TM 30. Without this confirmation, the application may be rejected or delayed.

In conclusion, obtaining a TM 30 is an integral part of the process of staying in Thailand for foreigners. This legal requirement ensures the security, control and harmonization of immigration processes. Completing and submitting the TM 30 form is an important part of complying with immigration rules and obligations in Thailand.

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