Buy an apartment in Moscow or Pattaya

Pattaya and Moscow are two cities that at first glance are completely different from each other, but both attract the attention of people who want to buy real estate. In this article, we will look at the reasons why buying property in Pattaya can be more profitable than buying an apartment in Moscow.

  1. Climate and nature.

Pattaya is located on the coast of Thailand and has a warm climate and crystal clear sea. Here you can enjoy the sun and beaches almost all year round. Moscow is known for its harsh climate, cold winters and short summers. For lovers of warmth and beach holidays, Pattaya is an ideal place.

  1. Real estate value.

Real estate in Pattaya much cheaper than in Moscow. Buying an apartment or house in Pattaya can cost several times less sumthan in Moscow. Moreover, the cost of living in Pattaya is generally lower, which makes this city attractive for real estate investment.

  1. High potential for rent or lease.

Pattaya is a popular resort city, so it is easy to rent out purchased housing to tourists. The high flow of tourists, beautiful beaches and many entertainment venues make Pattaya the best choice for buying property and then renting it out. In Moscow, on the other hand, renting real estate requires more effort and usually rents out housing for a long time, which can reduce the return on investment.

  1. Partial tax exemption.

There is a program in Pattaya that offers foreign investors to purchase real estate and get the right to live without the need to extend a visa and pay local income tax. This is an attractive factor for many buyers. In Moscow, real estate taxes are paid without fail, which can create some financial inconvenience.

  1. Tourist infrastructure and entertainment.

Pattaya is known for its diverse tourist offer, from luxury hotels and restaurants to bars and nightclubs. This city offers many opportunities for outdoor activities and entertainment. Moscow, of course, also has many attractions, but it is primarily a business center with limited opportunities for recreation and entertainment.

  1. Investment potential.

Pattaya is one of the most promising real estate markets in Asia. There is a constant increase in housing prices, which makes Pattaya attractive to investors. Moscow, in turn, although it is a large city with great potential, but the value of real estate is not growing as fast as in Pattaya.

In conclusion, real estate in Pattaya can be more profitable compared to Moscow. The warm climate, low cost of living and purchasing real estate, rental opportunities and tax exemption - all this makes Pattaya an attractive place to buy a home.

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