Expatriation to Thailand for Russians

Expatriation to Thailand for Russians. Before you decide to settle in Thailand, there are some basic preparations you need to make to ease the adjustment process after you move. It is important to ask yourself questions about your expectations and your reasons for leaving. How do you envision your future home in Thailand? What do you hope to achieve there? These are important questions to consider, because even if dreaming about living abroad is an important driving factor, you need to be aware of the possible problems this can cause.

Are you ready to live in Thailand?

Moving permanently to another country, such as Thailand, is a real test of your adjustment, and some aspects may be in conflict with your values. Thai culture can seem quite different from Western culture: values, ways of communicating, fashion, language... It can be culture shock. However, it is nice to note that this adjustment period is temporary and once you get to know the new culture, you will realize that the goodwill and hospitality of the Thais is not a myth and getting used to their culture will be easy! Emigration also promotes curiosity, tolerance and social openness.

Knowledge of the Thai language, or at least knowledge of it, is a great advantage for successful emigration. Lack of communication can become a daily barrier. Even though English is widely spoken, knowing the basics of Thai will help you better fit into your new environment and become part of the host country. Your efforts will not go unnoticed and will bring a smile to the locals.

Which city to choose for life in Thailand?

Have you already decided on the city where you would like to live in Thailand? It is best to visit the cities that interest you before making a decision. The advantage of Thailand is its diversity of landscapes and regions, which are very different from each other. Whether it's a coastal city, a mountainous area, or a remote location, there's something for everyone. For example, leisure or active cities such as Bangkok or Pattaya attract a variety of expats compared to quieter, more touristy cities such as Hua Hin or Phuket.

Do you have health insurance?

Thailand is one of the leading countries in Asia in terms of healthcare, but in order to take advantage of it, you need to take some steps and take this factor into account in your budget. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before leaving:

– Will you be covered by your country's social insurance abroad?

– Do you plan to take out medical insurance on the spot?

– If you receive benefits, will you be eligible while living abroad?

Have you checked the availability permanent visa?

Whether you are an expat, retiree, investor or future business owner, you need a visa to stay in Thailand. Obtaining a permanent visa is a serious matter that needs to be carefully considered, since there are many different types of visas (resident, work, student, pension, etc.), each of them has its own terms, costs and procedures.

One of the common fears when thinking about leaving and living in Thailand is being separated from your relatives. After all, Thailand is an 11-hour flight from Moscow, and some may think it's just one night on the plane, while others may feel like it's actually on the other side of the world. In fact, both options have their share of truth. Homesickness can sometimes come up during a stay in Thailand, but this is where apps like Skype come in handy, allowing you to “see” your loved ones.

One of the benefits of living in Thailand is the much lower cost of living compared to Western countries. However, before you decide to take such a step, you need to make sure that your budget allows you to lead a normal life in this country. Expatriation to Thailand for Russians in more detail in next article.

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